Архив рубрики: Projects

Swoop: Real Estate Platform

Swoop is a marketing platform that helps agents and property owners increase their audience reach when selling properties. The offers are presented not only in the mobile application and on the Swoop website, but also in partner projects.

Our team carried out the refinement and support of this resource.

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Cloud hosting

Crytex is a multifunctional cloud hosting service. Work on the direct creation and management of virtual machines and ISPmanager for managing billing, interacting with payment aggregators, as well as user management and reporting.

Samsung-Forward — phone leasing

Our team and our partners have made a significant improvement of the web-service of the «Samsung-Forward» for the Home Credit Bank. In the process of finalizing the project, the user interface of the leasing application design page was improved, the user interaction with the form elements and other sections were improved in deta

Development of the browser file manager

A file manager was developed for the European tour operator’s domestic resources. The client had to organize the file work for the agencies, who acquired its services. The manager has the following functions:
— to mass upload and view of the files on the server;
— to set the parameters and attributes of the files;
— to allocate the role-based access;
— to manage the folders and files using the drag & drop method (adding, transferring, deleting); — framing and cropping of the images.

Project’s code is covered by unit tests.

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Forex software development

Development of software for the search and use of regularities, which are subject to the Forex currency market. Several currencies are calculated as an isolated system, and as a result, the ratio of the two system indices corresponds to the quotation of the corresponding currency pair in the interbank market at any time. The received quotes are transferred for further work in MetaStock, several other editors, and also appear in the built-in component.

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Network of Payment Terminals

We developed the network of payment terminals for different services (utility fees, communication fees, loan repayment, etc.). The system consists of a client application for terminals, a payment processing server, a website for viewing statistics and controlling terminals, as well as 1C:Enterprise application of special configuration for storing information about incoming payments.

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