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Development of specifications and prototypes
Software development
Web development
Improvement and reengineering of existing systems
Software testing
Graphic design

Мы любим то, что делаем

Большие проекты складываются из маленьких функций и задач. Каждая кнопка, поле ввода или функция требуют пристального внимания и ответственности, для того, чтобы конечные пользователи веб-приложения могли экономить время, с легкостью достигая своих целей. Нам приятно осознавать, что каждый день мы вносим свой вклад в создание более комфортного мира.

Мы обладаем опытом разработки нескольких десятков проектов различной сложности, от разработки корпоративного сайта или портала до кроссплатформенных систем, в основе которых лежат сложные математические вычисления.

  • Swoop: Real Estate Platform

    Swoop is a marketing platform that helps agents and property owners increase their audience reach when selling properties. The offers are presented not only in the mobile application and on the Swoop website, but also in partner projects. Our team carried out the refinement and support of this resource.

  • Cloud hosting

    Crytex is a multifunctional cloud hosting service. Work on the direct creation and management of virtual machines and ISPmanager for managing billing, interacting with payment aggregators, as well as user management and reporting.

  • Samsung-Forward - phone leasing

    Our team and our partners have made a significant improvement of the web-service of the “Samsung-Forward” for the Home Credit Bank. In the process of finalizing the project, the user interface of the leasing application design page was improved, the user interaction with the form elements and other sections were improved in deta

  • Web service for hotel booking

    The new version of the hotel booking service has been developed using Angular 2. We have created not an only a desktop version but also a mobile version for different screen resolutions. Project’s code is covered by unit tests.

  • Development of the browser file manager

    A file manager was developed for the European tour operator’s domestic resources. The client had to organize the file work for the agencies, who acquired its services. The manager has the following functions: – to mass upload and view of the files on the server; – to set the parameters and attributes of the files; […]

  • Modification of the CRM-system for the tour operator

    The CRM-system for the European tour operator was developed and it allows this operator’s clients to put together and save the offered tour options. Also it allows the clients to send the information to the customers and order such services. Project’s code is covered by unit tests.

  • Development of the car rental’s web resource

    A web service was developed to allow customers to choose and hire a car rental. A function of receiving and displaying the server’s filters was implemented. The car choices can be studied in more detail or added for further comparison. Project’s code covered by unit tests.

  • Hotel booking system

    The frontend part of the hotel’s booking rooms service. The system connects tour agents and hotels via a tour operator.

  • Forex software development

    Development of software for the search and use of regularities, which are subject to the Forex currency market. Several currencies are calculated as an isolated system, and as a result, the ratio of the two system indices corresponds to the quotation of the corresponding currency pair in the interbank market at any time. The received […]

  • Network of Payment Terminals

    We developed the network of payment terminals for different services (utility fees, communication fees, loan repayment, etc.). The system consists of a client application for terminals, a payment processing server, a website for viewing statistics and controlling terminals, as well as 1C:Enterprise application of special configuration for storing information about incoming payments.

  • Engraving Software

    The software is designed for preparing a vector image prior to transferring it to a milling machine. Vector lines are converted to G-code format with calculation of the optimal path. The output is the file with a set of simple commands for a milling machine (to start spindle rotation, to lower a cutter, to move […]

  • Android Smart TV Box

    Application for Android Smart TV Box is designed to play back streaming video in HD format, to view news and weather forecasts, to show advertisements to users. We developed technical specifications and a graphic design for the application. The background changing option is available (background images are downloaded from the website).

  • Processing of 3D Objects

    We developed the software for displaying 3D objects, making cutting planes, changing textures, recording video of generated models and exporting data in formats compatible with other 3D editors.

  • Integration of Taxi Offices

    Development of the software interface for managing interactions between several offices of one taxi firm. We examined API protocols of the existing taxi dispatch software and then implemented the web service for processing and allocating orders to offices. We also integrated the software with Yandex.Taxi.

  • Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Software

    Development of the software for interacting with GPS trackers. This software is designed to monitor traffic of vehicles, to view the history and statistics of fuel consumption, as well as to receive and process information from other sensors installed in a vehicle.

  • Online English Learning Resource

    Support of the web resource where users can take online classes with English learning teachers via Skype, test their English knowledge, etc. The website is integrated with the internal CRM of the company through API. We designed the main pages of the project. The PHP version of Bitrix CMS was used for this project.

  • Online Hardware Store

    Development of a hardware online store based on 1C-Bitrix CMS. As a part of this project, we implemented a catalogue of products, a filter, a comparison component, and a news feed, as well as added the payment system (VISA, MASTERCARD, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, etc.). We also developed several advertising slides for the home page and integrated […]

  • Online Store Development & Support

    Development and support of an online store for fishers and travelers. As a part of this project, we integrated the design and 1C-Bitrix CMS. The filter was significantly improved to ensure convenient page addresses both for users and search machines. In cooperation with a provider of CEO services, we implemented a package of measures aimed […]

  • Design of the Tourism Portal

    We developed technical specifications, a design concept and page prototypes for the Tourist Portal fapremo.com:

  • Design of the Front Decoration Software

    We developed technical specifications for the online building front decoration application to be integrated into web platforms of the Customer. Later, native software for mobile devices may be developed to be used as a “shell” for visualizing this application. We described how to design a client component of the application for downloading / processing personal […]

  • Design of the Defect Detection Software

    Our company developed technical specifications and selected appropriate algorithms for detecting defects in fuel elements of nuclear reactors. A fuel element consists of three layers – two aluminum outer layers and a uranium internal layer. The application is designed to identify distortions of aluminum shells and uranium density defects. Defect detection is based on a […]

  • Electronic Scheduler

    Our company developed an electronic scheduler for internal use. The service is combined with AJAX for transferring data on any changes. This ensures a high running speed without the need to refresh pages. The scheduler has a variety of functions, allowing you to keep a calendar, to rearrange tasks between days, to close a whole […]

  • Auto Parts Parser

    The parser downloads data from an auto parts website. The application may run in the background, without the need to keep the browser running. It parses thousand items under stable performance and load. One of its key features is the multi-stream operation through proxy servers. The parser processes proxy lists from several websites, ranks and, […]

  • Tourism Portal

    Development of the portal for posting articles about interesting places. Users have the opportunity to comment on articles and communicate to each other. The paid access to articles was implemented.

  • Software for a Sport Bookmaker

    Description: Development of the software package for managing the bookmaker’s operations. The package includes the following services: — website for online betting and payments; — software for cashiers; — administration interface for viewing reports, approving payments, etc.

Core technology

В современном мире новые технологии сменяют прежние все быстрее и быстрее. Мы стремимся разиваться, учитывая этот ритм. Для того, чтобы предоставлять самый актуальный сервис нашим клиентам, мы сфокусировались на четырех основных технологиях, позволяющих реализовать фронтенд и бэкенд разработку: Java, Angular, React, ASP.NET.

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Создание сложных и масштабных продуктов требует вовлеченности десятков людей в процесс. На любом этапе этого непростого, но увлекательного пути, с нуля до момента запуска или во время развития существующего продукта, наша команда готова приложить все необходимые компетенции для достижения качественного результата.

В случае, если в нашей in-house команде будет недостаточно необходимых специалистов, мы предлагаем воспользоваться нашим маркетплейсом по быстрому найму лучших разработчиков из партнерских IT-компаний.


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